April 14, 2013 Sungwoo 0 Comments

 photo 20130413_010345.jpg

With the help and patience of a couple of the F__kShoppe crew members, we got my fenders rolled and my wheels kinda fitted.

Within short notice, Jordan was able to meet up with me after work to help me with my fenders.  Basically, I screwed up and bought wrong size wheels without knowing lol, so I ended up getting bolt-on spacers for them for the time being.

Jordan rollin' awayyyyyyy
 photo 20130412_213921.jpg

Donuts yooooooo!!
 photo 20130413_005955.jpg

Peter's s14

 photo 20130413_010519.jpg

Jordan's beastly s13
 photo 20130413_010329.jpg

Thanks boys for staying out til 1am to help me with my car!  Let's go show NissanFest what BC's got ;)

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