UPS: What can brown do for you? Nothing, Just gtfo please.

October 08, 2010 Sungwoo 6 Comments

1. I came home at 2:55pm and found a UPS notice on my door saying he'll be back between 2-5pm, which day he's coming back isn't checked off so I figured it'd be today.
2. I cancel my plans and stay home instead so I don't miss the guy coming back for the 2nd attempt.
3. 5pm and nothing, I go on UPS to check if there's any other information regarding this delivery.
4. I find out that he came and left at 2:44pm, 10 minutes before I get home.  Which is fine.
5. Upon further reading I find that he's coming back on the 12th, not today.

WTF BROWN, JUST MARK THE FUCKING DATE ON THERE AND DO YOUR JOB PROPERLY. You're worse than the taxi drivers in Toronto.


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  1. call them and demand that they bring it back that day... worked for me a few times

  2. Hey swoo, I went to my local bike shop and they had a Redline trick bike for $600. Do you think that it's worth getting?

  3. I'm not completely familiar with those frames, isn't Keo riding a Redline? I've heard some good things about the Redline Urbis.. If it's a stock bike though, you'd probably end up replacing most of the parts on it and spending way more on it anyway.. I don't know man :S

  4. Aite thanks man. Would I end up replacing parts because they break or because I want better parts?

  5. Either or. Either you want better parts, or you don't and realize you need better parts later once you break them :P