Another night in the garage

April 15, 2013 Sungwoo 0 Comments

Since lowering the car and adding some fat spacers for the shitty offset wheels, I've been having some rubbing issues in the front, so I decided to take care of it today.

I hammered in some parts of the inner wheel wells that's been rubbed by the tire, but I noticed my harness was getting rubbed a bit as well.  I've done a full tuck but the corner part always seems to be a problem.

 photo IMG_4545.jpg

Pretty happy I took notice of this before it got really bad haha.  I'm gonna need some smaller tires for better clearance.

MASSIVE spacers!
 photo IMG_4548.jpg

Then I decided to make myself diy exhaust from stock exhaust and some new piping.
 photo IMG_4558.jpg

I chopped off the rear muffler but kept the mid muffler, cat, and a bunch of the stock piping.  I don't want the car to be too loud, so I'll be waiting until turbo for a new proper exhaust.

I'm horrible at welding though so I'll probably have to redo these at some point.  Finished pictures soon when I mount it back on.

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