My first dooring incident

January 28, 2011 Sungwoo 6 Comments

I woke up a little late today but managed to meet up with a good friend of mine, Youngwook, for lunch.  We had a delicious meal of Korean food :D and were on our way to the library to get some studying done.  We were cruising down Bloor Street (which is a horrible street to ride..), when a door popped open right in front of me.  I tried to avoid it but there was moving traffic right beside me so there was really nowhere I could go, nor room to stop.  I literally clipped the door AS it was opening and ripped the door off of his hand.  All I remember after hitting the door is being thrown off my bike and watching a truck swerve around me as I was tumbling onto the ground.  Scary shit.


I was in total shock and I stayed on the ground dazed with pain accumulating in my foot and the side of my head (not like deadly pain luckily, but it was weird at the moment).  I was literally trying to figure out wtf just happened..  It was weird because I fell to my left side, but the right side of my head was hurting..  I've concluded that I must've hit the door with my head as the bar made contact with the door and pulled it open a little further..


As I was on the ground trying to catch my breath, a bystander had already called the ambulance and everything, which I didn't really want at that point as I KNEW I got away lucky and hadn't broken anything.  But a police car was just driving by at that point as well and decided to pull over to deal with everything here. The guy that doored me confessed right away that it was his fault and that he had barely opened the door but he just hadn't checked properly prior to opening the door.  I gotta add here that he was a nice guy and felt very apologetic, and I appreciated that.  Last thing I need at a point like this is someone trying to blame their obvious fault on me.


This is the front part of the door, by the fender..  It dented here too, and now the door doesn't close haha.  I think I hit it pretty hard! :D


I've always been afraid of being doored, and on numerous occasions have been able to avoid them by swerving around them..  But this one..  This one was just unavoidable.  There was moving traffic right beside me.  I was just approaching the tail end of his car when he opened the door, he hadn't even opened the door fully before my bike connected romantically with the door.

My left foot's pretty sore, scraped, slightly swollen, but not broken.  My head is bumpilicious on the right side..  But I think it's okay.  I told the paramedic that I didn't think it was necessary to go with them to the hospital, but they informed me to do so if I felt worse later on.  I'll definitely be keeping that in mind.


Oh, and I got a $110 ticket for having no bell.  What a joke haha.

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  1. glad you got out of that injury free dood.


  2. Basically eh..? It's scary thinking what could've happened.. Yell at me if you see me with no helmet from now on :D

  3. Wear a helmet so we can keep having a Swoo!

    Perhaps this was the close call that skakes you up and makes you take the whole thing a bit more seriously. Glad you got lucky!

  4. Did they ticket the driver for hitting you with his door? That would be fucking ridiculous if you got a 110 for no bell and the driver didn't get his 150 for smashing you with his door

  5. Yeah he got a ticket too.. But it's only $150?! That's absurd!

  6. Eh, welcome to Toronto. A lady doored a guy a few years ago sending him into a van and he died, 150 dollar ticket. You go for a ride without lights and a bell, 300 or so dollars in tickets. Go figure