YNOT Gulper: Capacity test

December 05, 2010 Sungwoo 4 Comments

A while ago I posted pictures of my new YNOT Gulper on my Flickr and got a comment that read "Needs cases of beer to approximate size."  I personally don't drink any beer, but saw that pop was on sale this week, so I decided to grab a few boxes to see how much would fit.


In case you were wondering what's actually in there, check these pictures:




4 boxes of 12can boxes.  Now I'm no expert, but I'm pretty sure pop cans and beer cans are the same size ;)  So there you have it.  These bags will fit lots of beer for ya!

For just a regular bag that I use for school and stuff..  I'm pretty impressed with how much it can hold haha.

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  1. Hey swoo, I cleaned my chain recently and ever since then, i've been hearing skweaky noises from the rear wheel/crank idk where. Do you have any idea what it is? Thanks

  2. Did you lube it back up after cleaning the chain? If you left it squeaky clean, then the metal against metal friction is what the noise is: between the chain and sprocket or chain and cog. Make sure it's lubed!!

  3. ohh. thanks alot1!!!