Spring spring spring!

April 02, 2011 Sungwoo 0 Comments

Today I met with with a good friend of mine Ilan.  He's a mountain bike kinda guy and you might remember him from when I went trail riding with him here.  Well we both met up with Mosher first, but he was riding with like 10 bmxers, and I wasn't really in the mood for all that and having to follow a group of people, whom I don't know, around.  So we split and just had a mellow day of some riding around the school campus.

After riding a few different spots we found this little thing and took some video/pictures on it.  I wanted to mess around with the camera (obviously) and he didn't mind getting a few pictures taken of him either, so we messed about and here's what I managed.

Ilan Rotenberg

I love experimenting with different flash positions and whatnot, and I'm really liking this one :D

Here's a screen shot of me hopping/tweaking weirdly from there.  I swear, I ALWAYS think that this looks WAY better in my head when I do them, but I'm always surprised to see how low I go and how UNtweaked it is when I see pictures/videos of it hahahaha.  Oh well, they're fun to do though :)

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