Oh yeah. and this falling thing..

April 02, 2011 Sungwoo 0 Comments

After I parted with Ilan, I went and filmed a bunch of clips, all steady tripod shots.  I'm just trying to hustle and get as many clips as I can right now while I have a quick break between all my assignments and exams.  Hopefully I'll have enough for an edit soon!

This is just a funny clip I wanted to mess around with, using After Effects for the first time and doing that ramped slow motion thing..  But shooting at 24fps on the D90 really limits slow motions haha.  I need to get Twixtor and mess around with it..

There were a bunch of kids playing around the playground and I didn't hear a single thing when I fell, as I had my headphones on.  I didn't respond to the kid asking if I was alright, didn't even acknowledge her I guess, they all probably thought I was a huge asshole haha.

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