Old and new YNOT straps

April 02, 2011 Sungwoo 1 Comments

These were my old YNOT straps, pretty beat up, right?  The funny thing is, they were still working 100% fine, and I could without a doubt use these for another year or so haha.  Seriously, these things are so beastly, and the design keeps only getting better and better.  I'll probably use these on my commuter-ish bike now, which have the older versions of the YNOT straps on there right now.

Here are my new straps, they're white and almost glow in the sunlight as I realized today haha.  Once they get some dirt on them they'll match my bike more and fit in more I'd think haha.

I messed around with these shots and I'm actually super happy with how these pictures turned out.  They look almost professional don't you think? Haha :D

Thanks to YNOT for the new straps, and Cultur for the pedals.

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