Shaped bokeh.. What?!

December 05, 2010 Sungwoo 3 Comments

If you're wondering what I'm talking about, I don't blame you, I just recently learned about "bokeh" when I started getting into photography a little bit.  Bokeh is just a term for the blur you see in the out of focus parts of an image.  So, what's shaped bokeh?  Exactly what the name describes.  It's where you make those blur of lights form shapes.  You can buy little kits that can do such things, but a littler factoid about me: I like making little crafts and things myself if I can.  Why?  It's fun and saves money :P hahaha


I made this little piece last night, something that I figured would take about half an hour, ended up taking almost an hour and a half I think..

So, what does this little thing do..?  Check out a couple pictures I took tonight using just that!



I definitely want to try having a subject in focus next time, and just have the lights in the background be turned into shapes..

Ever since I saw it, I wanted to try it out, and if you didn't know, procrastination is pretty awesome for making me waste more time on random things like this..

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  1. how do you attach the piece? this is awesome!

  2. Just slide it over the lens so the glass is covered except that hole. I have a better idea of doing it which I'm gonna try in the new year. I'm afraid of the paper thing breaking while it's being carried around haha

  3. it reminds me of pinhole photography. i loved that shit but it was tedious. plus i don't have my darkroom set up and no longer can use my old highschool one.