December 08, 2010 Sungwoo 0 Comments

It finally started snowing properly here a couple days ago.  The kind where the snow actually sticks to the ground.  It's really nice to see the snow falling and everything.  But I hate how dirty it becomes soon after haha.  All the roads get salted down and the crap becomes super nasty!

I rode to my test last night and even with a fender on, my bag got pretty nasty.  And the front part of my jacket which is white, gets filled with crap as well.  GRR.

Anyways..  Ranting aside.  I actually do like snow.  And here's a semi-nicer shot of the snow :D  (not really, it's just my bike with snow in the background haha!)


Umm.. And a shot of these trees that were in the building of my test.  I really really like this shot! :D


I'm gonna go try to get back to sleep now.  Tried to fall asleep early today but woke up a couple hours into my sleep and couldn't get back into it :(  Going to be riding with Finn and Shea and whoever else that's riding today!!!!!  Super excited!!

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