This is how I study

December 04, 2010 Sungwoo 0 Comments

Today I met up with a buddy of mine to study a bit.  My next test is my English class and I have multiple novels I need to read still.  So I brought one of them over to read.  God bored, asked him to film me a couple lines and this happened:

It was filmed in like 10 minutes, the floor was very slipper, and there was barely any room to correct my fakie directions or anything haha..  Most of my study sessions actually end up with me goofing off..  I hate studying, can't really stand it for too long haha..

Anyways, yeah.. I've been riding my winter bike all week, and when I finally changed the tire and got on my "trick" bike, I was so surprised at how different it felt.  It felt TINY.  Now I understand what other people feel when they ride my bike haha.  It's also crazy because they're both identical frames..  Just set up differently.  26mm stem, 26" wheels, low seat, short cranks.. All combined, it changed everything..  Anyways....  Here's a picture I took last night, which I overly edited haha:


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