Hectic days

December 02, 2010 Sungwoo 4 Comments

Oh man, so as it reaches near the end of a semester, school has decided to torture me yet once again.  This week had I had a test Wednesday evening from 6-9, and another test Thursday from 12-2.  It's sad to say but I wasn't quite fully prepared for either of those tests.  Oh well, at this point I just wanna get it all done with..


For my test Wednesday evening.  I assumed it was in the same classroom we have our lectures, so I just headed straight there, I wanted to cover as much material as possible, so I planned to get there JUST on time.  But when I got there, the room was empty.  I started panicking and tried to log onto my school thing on my phone but 3G was sooooooooooooooooooooooo slow, I ended up asking a random girl with a laptop to borrow her laptop.  I found where the test was, wrote it on my wrist and headed out once again into the cold.

I biked as fast as I could to the correct building and ran up to the second floor to realize once again that something's wrong.  I couldn't find room 226, and it seemed non-existent for some reason.  I just started walking around looking for rooms with people writings tests and familiar faces.  I luckily found the right room soon after and walked in, 20 minutes late.  It was room 266, not 226..

Ugh.  Anyways, after guessing random multiple choice questions and short answers and writing an essay........ I went outside and took a couple pictures before buying some food and heading home:



This was the spooky building that I wrote my test in haha.

I ended up staying up all night again to cram for my test I had today..  Didn't do so well I think.  Guess we'll see :(

Anyways, it's been super busy lately, I literally haven't touched my trick Dropout since building together my winter Dropout haha.  It's a shame.  But Shea from DPH should be coming up to Toronto next week, so I'll be sure to organize my time better so I can ride with the boys!

On another note.  Unknown Bikes has been busy fine tuning their website, keep checking them out as they release more and more information on their products!

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  1. You in college rite?

  2. Yeah I'm attending University of Toronto right now. And yeah man, it's been sooooooooooo long since I've enjoyed school..

  3. Lol. Hope you get good grades!

  4. dude uc is hell.
    i get lost everytime i go there. :(