Another night sesh

November 16, 2010 Sungwoo 6 Comments

It's been pretty hard for me to find time to ride with everyone since I've been so busy with school, and likewise with others, whether it's with school or work, everyone seems to be busy with something at all times.  However, I feel like this week shouldn't be too much work to get through, so I jumped on the opportunity to go ride a bit.

By ride, I mean go to spots and get kicked out by security..  Actually, not even, but this guy was mad pissed. Apparently the 'security' of the building was too chicken to talk to us directly, so he called in the 'real' security to kick us out, and having to drive over and do the talking, he didn't seem too happy.

Anyways at the next spot we had some fun on the little banks, here's Tom getting pretty tweaked in the air.

Here's Finn fixing his wheel and also getting some air.


I didn't ride too much haha.  I find myself fooling around with my new camera, trying to figure out how to take decent photos..  Which is also very fun.  I wish we could all figure out a time to go ride during the day sometime, I swear when we do, I'll post up some nicer action shots haha, trying to focus with this manual lens in the dark was a nightmare!

This one isn't too shabby though, right?! Right?!?! (NOT a manual lens haha)

I'm gonna end this post with a cute smile from Finn:

You should also check out my flickr set for more photos from tonight!

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  1. Love the pics man. That security guard shot is wicked cool.

  2. New Charge Bikes prototype? Probably with higher bb for a legit wallride?

  3. Umm, I don't know if I'm allowed to say anything, so I won't for now.. If I remember I'll ask Tom next time I see him what's okay to go or not.