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October 15, 2011 Sungwoo 1 Comments

Breakbrak17 Charmer26

Today was the Toronto Fall bike show, where bike stores try to clear out most of the current year's stock to make room for the 2012 stuff coming in.  I worked all day at my shop selling bikes and talking loudly for hours upon hours.  My throat actually hurts, from just talking to people about bikes for several hours straight.

After the show, we had some leftover tires that the owners didn't want to bother bringing back to the shop.  I said I'd take them, then we came to a realization that these tires have actually been sitting in storage for over 5 years.  You know how rubber is supposed to be rubbery and feel kinda grippy and all?  Well this one just feels like hardened plastic.  I came home, put it on my bike and went out for a little rip, rear end skids out like a monster compared to my worn down Kiniption..  The front doesn't feel very sturdy either so every time I carve or anything, the front end feels like it's gonna give up on me..

Breakbrake17 Charmer26

I was just gonna put them on for jokes, but they've already grown on me and I actually like how they look haha.  I guess I just need to let it warm up a bit and get some grip..  If it doesn't soon, I might just take some sand paper to it haha.

As for the Redbull Minidromes, I qualified 13th out of almost 100 riders, and ended up in the top 16.  Brad Downie ended up doing REALLY well and got 3rd!  Very impressive, I had a the time of my life until on my way home when I got run over on the face.. Kinda (very) fortunate to have gotten away from this incident with just a few bumps and scrapes.. I'll do a post on this some time soon, been very busy with school/work!

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  1. Haha, you actually put them on. Looks cool.

    p.s he is lying about the "busy at work" part. He just sits and does imaginary barspins all day.