My bikes: Winter warrrior

September 21, 2011 Sungwoo 0 Comments

My bikes

This is my winter beater/commuter.  I ride this thing around when the weatherman tells me it's going to rain, or if I know I'll be hitting the grocery stores on my way home from school haha.  Yes, if this bike looks familiar, it's my old old Allcity Dropout LE that I crimped (ugh) and bent to shit.  I semi-straightened it out with a 2x4 and the rear triangle's a little crooked but rides completely straight somehow.  I really can't complain.

My bikes

This is actually a really comfortable ride, in the scorching summer heat I rode this around and just stuffed my huge YNOT bag into the basket so I wouldn't end up with a wet back haha.

And this is the bike when it was set up as my 26" beast, although someone complimented it by saying it's a nice cruiser.. Haha..


This entire video was filmed on a bent frame holding on for dear life haha.

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