My bikes: Mountain thing

September 22, 2011 Sungwoo 0 Comments

My bikes

This is my recently built mountain bike.  I've actually been working on it  for most of summer, just gathering parts and whatnot.  Finally got it put together mid-September.  But I still get to ride it this season and have fun because I just joined the UofT MTB club.  It's a short season, but I get to train and race and just have fun hoping I don't fall.

My bikes

I haven't really gone mountain biking since middle school when I was part of the school team, and riding the trails on my brakeless fixed gear trick bike reminded me of the fun.  It was kind of frustrating of course to be riding up and down dirt hills with a bike meant for 1. streets 2. flats 3. not stopping on its own.  So I decided to build myself a bike that I can actually enjoy the trails on.  And I can't be more happy with how the bike turned out.  Obviously it went over budget by about twice the amount, but what kind of budget bike build doesn't?

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