My bikes: BMX

September 23, 2011 Sungwoo 0 Comments

My bikes

I bought this bmx on craigslist, and have ridden it maybe 4 times.  I can't do much on it other than small 180's and small hops, but man is it fun.  Having a small, nimble bike to throw around, and also throw away from you if you're about to bail, is such a good idea.  I don't know why nobody's ever thought of doing tricks on these things yet..  Every time I've ridden this thing, going back to my fixie trixie feels so weird/awkward.  There's just so much bike to handle..

My bikes

That being said, I don't ride this thing too much.  Why?  I started doing tricks and everything on a fixed gear bike.  Every single trick I do, I learned on the fixed gear drivetrain.  I kind of rely on the straps to do most of my tricks.  It took me forever to relearn up to hop and 180 on the bmx, I really don't have the patience to relearn everything again.  And with the weather getting harsher by the day, I don't see myself riding this much more through the winter as well haha :(

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