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November 27, 2010 Sungwoo 3 Comments

I dropped by the YNOT shop again today to meet with Tony, he had an idea he wanted to work on: a camera insert that you can take out and use separately as well, and also keep your bag functional for everyday use.


When I got there Tom was wrapping up his work it seemed like, and was soon packed up and ready to head home, riding through the windy ass Toronto streets!

DSC_3536  DSC_3537

Anyways, Tony and I quickly talked about what he had in mind, and what would suit me best for my needs as well.  I usually have my laptop with me as I bring it to most of my classes, so I wanted something that would sit in front of my laptop, so it wouldn't be crushed by the (usually) heaviest thing I carry around.  We both also wanted it to be accessible from inside the bag, so I wouldn't have to take out the whole insert just to take out a camera to take a picture.  After we came to a quick conclusion, Tony got started making the first of the prototypes.




I helped cut a few pieces too.. Y'know, I'm not useless ;)

It's in its early stages of development right now, but I'm very impressed with what he was able to whip up in less than two hours time.  I'm gonna use it the way it is for a little while, see how it is, see what could be changed, we'll brainstorm again and keep improving this until it's perfect.


So basically, here it is inside the bag, with my laptop and notepad thing in there.  This is basically my everyday school layout.  Right now we just made three sections for the stuff I have: a camera body with lens attached, a lens on its own, and my camcorder.


Tony made the whole thing out of some crazy closed cell foam thing, which is pretty awesome.  With the lid closed, I feel pretty safe stacking some lightweight stuff on top as well.  So far I've stacked my tool pouch, laptop cable and a book and a water bottle on top of it, and the lid barely caved in at all!


With the bag all closed, it's just awesome :)

Here's a few random shots from around the shop:





The YNOT tree of bags is looking a little empty eh?  If you want one of those you should shoot them an email ;)

Oh, and I basically finished my bike today but the brake wouldn't reach so I need a longer reach brake caliper, hopefully I can get that taken care of real soon and post detailed pictures of the bike.  But here it is!  I also made a ghetto frame protector because I had the basket swing around and smash against the top tube several times already..


It feels REALLY good riding it though.  proper leg extension, higher ratio, regular length cranks, relatively skinny tires.. It feels like I'm gliding through traffic!

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  1. you should check out the uoft bikechain if you haven't already. they have tons of new and used parts lyin around for next to nothing.

  2. Yeah I drop by from time to time, thanks!