Shedding the Winter Rust

April 10, 2011 Sungwoo 4 Comments

"I've been pretty busy during school and the winter hasn't helped much in me getting out and riding either.  Between my midterms/assignments and final exams, I went out and caught a few clips of riding and put this together."

It's not the longest of edits, it's not the most bangin' edit either.  But it is me riding and having fun.  It's been forever since my last edit, I hope you enjoy this one!

More and more to come as we get deeper into the summer!

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  1. Your editing is amazing! And skills on the bike too!

  2. Thanks man, I don't really know much about editing, just putting them together and cutting clips off to match the beats!!

  3. Are you sponsered by all of those companies?

  4. Umm, some are sponsors, some are real good supporters!