Unknown hub/sprocket

March 22, 2011 Sungwoo 0 Comments

So over the weekend, while I was in Montreal, a bunch of mail decided to come in the mail.  Obviously I wasn't there to receive them so I had to go pick them up at a post office near by.  One of the packages happened to be my long awaited camera flash and receivers, the other package was for my Unknown hub and Sprocket (Huge thanks to Vincent Shim of Unknown Bikes!)

I put the two together and took some pictures!



I'm super happy with how these pictures turned out, but also happy with how sexy  these parts look!  The bearings on the hub feels smooth too!!!  And look at those beefy 14mm axles!!  I'm so excited to get this hub laced up to a rim when I finally get it in from Cultur.

Keep posted for updates as I get these laced up and get some action on them!

HUGE thanks to Vincent Shim and Unknown Bikes for making 14mm hubs possible for me!

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