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Notre Dame

So I went to Montreal this weekend with a friend to visit a very good friend of ours.  We basically just hung out like we did back in high school and had a real chill time.  A couple things to point out I guess: Montreal poutine has more meat and cheese than fries, Montreal smoked meat sandwich has a meat to bread ratio of about 10 to 1, up on the ski lodge at Le Massif, they didn't serve fast food like burgers and pizza, instead they had pasta, seafood, rice, and a bunch of other healthy stuff..  They didn't even have carbonated drinks.  This may explain the fact that there weren't  a lot of over sized people there!  Also, Notre Dame was damn beautiful.  And majority of the people in Montreal were either stupid or rude (although I'm sure those that ride fixed gear bikes and read this blog in Montreal are just wonderful ;) )! :P

Anyways, moving on..  I took some pictures while I was at Notre Dame, and they turned out pretty good I think, the picture above being one of them.  And this is of the opposite side, a huge organ.

Notre Dame

This is another view of the main part.

Notre Dame

This is the smoked meat sandwich I was talking about, so much meat!!  It was pretty delicious with a side of pickle!

And this is a picture of the poutine I was talking about.

I don't have a picture of the menu up at Le Massif, but you'll have to take my word for it.. :P

I realized that I hadn't done any work through the weekend so I spent some time at my new office doing my assignment.  I found a plug outlet in a small arcade at the bus terminal and set it up as my study space.

A random dude came in and started playing some games but I just had to deal with it..  Anyways, this is a long and pointless post, but I just wanted to share because it was a fun trip :)  And the weather's starting to warm up, so I can't wait to get back on my bike some more :D

I apologize for this cluttered/unorganized post, but this is what happens when you blog while you're on the bus heading home haha :D

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