Winter riding

December 08, 2010 Sungwoo 5 Comments

I mentioned earlier that Shea from DPH is coming to town and that we'd be shredding!  Well Shea and Finn kind of did today (I'm usually late, and today was no different..), and I joined them for a little bit as well.  Shea's an awesome character and just an all around fun guy to hang with.  I look forward to riding with him more, hopefully tomorrow if I don't sleep in so late!

Basically, I met up with them, and on our way to a specific spot, we found this crazy grind box with full coping and everything, in the middle of nowhere basically.  We pulled it out, built a small ramp by it and rode for a while.



After a while, we flipped the box on its side so we could fool around with a flat ledge..  I went to go feeble it and bailed REALLY bad.  In my defense, I've been riding my winter bike around mostly these days, so yeah, I wasn't used to doing the usual tricks anymore haha :P  ANYWAYS!!!  After I got a hold of my breath.. I took some photos of Finn and Shea riding..





More on my Flickr.

I came home and after eating, my entire body was sore from the couple bails I had today.. So I literally jumped in the bathtub and took an hour and a half bath.. I actually just passed out for about an hour.   But I feel better now, ready to fall more!

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  1. Dude, that box is epic! Shoulda done kicker to down-ledge ;)

  2. We were actually thinking about that.. But I don't know what happened, we just did other things, then I think we forgot about it?

  3. Very nice photos :D really like the last one!

  4. Yeah I really like the last one too!! Panning is awesome!!!!!!

  5. I think the grind box is from a west49 commercial