Shirt test.............. haha

December 08, 2010 Sungwoo 3 Comments

So I fooled around with my logo thing and made a shirt design that I wanted to try out..  Just wanted to see if it would look as cool as it did in my mind..  I had some heat transfer paper lying around, so I printed it out, went out and bought a blank t-shirt, and ironed it on.


This is what happened.. Haha, I know right?!  I left the sheet printed for a few days before actually transferring it onto a shirt, so I'm thinking it just got really dry and didn't work.. So basically, it's not supposed to look like that at ALL..  However, it's starting to grow on me, so I'm working on something that will maybe look something like that, but the ConstantRevolution part will be more legible haha..

This is one of the designs I have in mind.  There's a few others in mind..  What do you think?

NOTE: The shirts that will be made properly will be silk-screened.  None of this heat transfer bs.  Don't worry!

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