Welcome home bmx

December 11, 2010 Sungwoo 4 Comments


I just picked up a bmx, nothing fancy, nothing crazy light, nothing amazing haha.  I just picked up a used 2008 Eastern Metalhead bmx.  It's in pretty decent condition, seems pretty heavy, and scary for me without them straps haha.

I learned all my tricks on fixed gear bikes..  So naturally, I've become dependent on straps for doing all my tricks.  I kind of hate the fact that I depend on mys traps for absolutely everything, so I wanted to fool around on a bmx to learn some stuff on there.  I figure it'd make me more comfortable on my fixie bike as well ;)

I've also been feeling like I've plateaued lately, especially with not having a lot of time to learn new things or to improve on the tricks I already do know, it can get a little frustrating..  So, hopping on this little kid's bike and learning new tricks on this will be a new challenge and something to keep me motivated to ride more as well!  I hope.

I literally can just barely hop up curbs.. It's really scary for me to do anything without straps.. So, it actually feels like learning tricks for the very first time!  I'm excited!!


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  1. two weeks on a bmx and you won't want to touch your fixed. Than when you do go ride your fixed everything is going to feel awkward. Today at the gnarbq was the first day i rode my fixed since i got my bmx and i couldnt do any tricks. =P

  2. I got it used at a fairly decent price :) I could never justify buying a brand new, nice and expensive bmx when I know for a fact I can't do anything on it haha.