Bike problems

December 11, 2010 Sungwoo 1 Comments

Yesterday was Shea's last night in Toronto, so we rode for a little bit and we ended up having an awesome bike mechanic party!


First, Finn's crank bolt mysteriously snapped off so he ended up going to a bmx shop near by with Misha for a new spindle.  Long story short, they rode all over town looking for bolts to go with the new axle, and ended up having to scrap together random bolts from Canadian Tire.


While they were absent, Shea and I stayed by the ledges and were having an intimate moment with my bike (Shea lent his bike to Finn to get around to buy the stuff he needed).  Shea popped a double peg/butcher grind to toothpick out and kept doing it.  He told me it wasn't too hard so I gave it a shot and it was soooooooo freaking fun.  So we kept fooling around with that trick..  I asked Shea if he wanted to get that on film..  So we got out his camcorder and filmed him doing it.. Once.  And my front axle snapped haha.


Soon after, Finn and Misha came back, so we transported over to the usual garage to keep ourselves warm as Finn replaced his spindle.

Funny thing is.  Afterwards, Finn tried to see if he could save the old spindle by pulling the bolt out somehow with pliers, and it was a breeze, so he just wasted $30 for a new spindle.  Haha.


We put this thing inside Shea's bars and shot it out at walls and stuff with barspins.  One of them came literally like, a foot away from my head.  Could've been deadly..  but we all survived!

Today I replaced my axle, and realized my crank was way loose as well..  It's weird though I JUST tightened my crank bolts a few days ago because it fell off while I was riding.  I dunno.. It's all good again :)


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