Winter build: Part 4, the final chapter

November 28, 2010 Sungwoo 0 Comments

So I haven't put brakes on it yet, but here she is complete.


Frame: Allcity Dropout LE
Fork: inFamous
Headset: FSA something
Stem: Surly Steamroller
Bars: Evo something
Grips: DMR something
Seat: Selle Italia Flite
Cranks: Sugino 165mm
Pedals: Really worn out Animal Hamilton PC
FRS: Older gen worn out YNOT straps
Chain: Purple KMC
Wheels: stock Fuji Track
Tires: 700x35c Kenda and Schwalbe
Frame protector: Custom


My basket bars, sure they're not as sleek looking as the Bike Porter, but at fraction of the price, and even more functionality it seems, I can't complain at all!


I use my YNOT "Wireless U-lock Holster" (you don't need a belt to use these!) as my lock holder in the basket haha, it works pretty well unless I ride over big bumps :P


My really old pedals/straps, I held onto these hoping some day I could build a beater bike to throw these on, and this was the perfect application!  The pins inside are still good and I figure I won't really be throwing this bike around too much, so the wear won't get much worse.


My purple chain!!!!!!!!!!!!!


This is the part I was talking about in my previous post.  I just slapped another sticker right over the existing sticker and it lined up near perfectly haha.


Here is my "custom" frame protector and flame paintjob.  When I bent this frame, I never imagined using it again so I let some friends and myself get loose with making this frame as ugly looking as possible.  And here I am using it. Great..  The frame protector is just paper towels wrapped in electrical tape haha.  I don't know how functional it will really be, but I mean..  At least it doesn't make a loud noise anymore when the basket swings around and connects with the top tube haha.


This is how the rear wheel lines up.  But surprisingly the bike rides super straight!  I can ride no handed and it balances pretty well!  Weird huh?

And just for kicks, this was when I first got the bike, in its full glory stage.  Built up for the sheer purpose of being abused.

I've actually been riding this bike around for the past few days and I gotta say it feels WAY different.  I like it.  I've progressed from a "track" bike to a "trick" bike over a long period of time, and by changing one thing at a time basically.  Reverting everything at once, I realized how much things have changed within even just the past year!

More pictures on my Flickr!

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