Winter build: Part 2

November 24, 2010 Sungwoo 2 Comments

So I finally picked up my tire from Tom and put it on my wheel last night to find out that it doesn't fit. The fork I'm using is too short.


After measuring the front and back tires, I found that the rear tire was slightly narrower, its knobs weren't as big.. So I switched the tires and put that one up front. Still rubbing, I decided to file off the lawyer tabs on the fork, and slide the axle lower..



This doesn't seem very safe to me, and it's STILL rubbing at certain spots. I either need to use my old Allcity fork or just get a smaller tire and hold on to this one for the rear when it wears through..

I'll have more soon, I felt like it'd be done very soon, but keep running into problems, as always right?

Also, I had a chain from my old bike that I was going to use, but the ratio on that was way smaller I guess, there aren't enough links to fit this ratio haha. So I'm going to be using a coloured chain that I have lying around haha :D

More updates coming soon!

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