Winter build: Part 1

November 19, 2010 Sungwoo 3 Comments

It's that time of the year again.  Snow will soon come to take over the streets once again.  And I want to be a little more prepared this time around.  Last winter, I used my trick bike as my "good weather bike" and my Fuji Track with track drops and 23c tires as my "winter" bike, just because I had a front brake and clip on fenders on it..

^This was taken prior to the said brake and fenders.  And there have definitely been times where I felt very uncomfortable on the slippery roads with that bike.  But it looked pretty slick right?!

Anyways, this year, I'm just slapping together old parts lying around to build a winter beater, and hopefully it'll be better suited than last year.  I've gathered almost everything I need so far and it it's looking pretty decent so far.  Don't laugh too hard but here's a list of my parts haha:

Bent Dropout frame (bent back with a 2x4).
Bent IRO Mark V fork.
Really cheap wheelset with missing spoke and lots of rust on the axle/nuts.
Broken seatpost I had lying around from my Dropout.
Random road crankset/bb I salvaged from an old conversion.
BRAND SPAKING NEW FSA integrated headset (nicest piece on this build).

Still waiting on a stem, tire, and bars.  I'm going to run my narrow cut bars for now, but they're not even 20" wide haha..  I think I'm really wanting one of those integrated basket/bar combo things.  Similar to the Bike Porter, but not as nice and not as expensive.  I think it'll be nice and handy for grocery runs and everything else too.

Well anyways, that's as far as I got today, I need to pick up my tire/stem and hopefully get this bike rolling within the next couple of days.  I think I'll probably need to cut my steerer tube as well..  I'm pretty excited as to how this bike will handle with the frame/fork both being bent.. Hopefully I bent the frame back just the perfect amount and it'll ride straight ;)  I'm very hopeful haha.

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  1. I will bring the tire to the new YNOT shop as bait to get you to finally check it out! More fodder for blogging, come pick up a tire and 'order' your new custom bag! ;)

  2. dude i have an extra front wheel lying around.
    if you don't have one let me know1

  3. Nah, I got a front wheel as well, just not in the picture, thanks though buddy!! :D