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November 18, 2010 Sungwoo 5 Comments

As it reaches near the end of semester, I can already feel the stress rising and exams crawling my way.  But this past week has been pretty chill for me other than an assignment due which I forgot about until the day before it was due, so I've ridden more than the usual: pretty much once a week haha.  As you may already know Tom LaMarche is living in Toronto for the time being, and it's a lot of fun riding with him.  He'll do things I've never seen done at spots I've been to a million times in the past.  It's pretty cool I have to admit.

I rode with Finn and Tom yesterday and today, we're trying to beat out the cold and get as street sessions in as possible.  It's pretty funny because I go out to ride with them, and I ride for 5 minutes and just whip out my camera and try to capture some nice shots as I get used to the camera haha.  Next time we go out I should just leave my camera at home.

Here are some pictures I took from last night's ride and today's ride:

^Tom got a full pedal rotation on this curved wallride, over and over again.

^Finn peeping at Tom.

And some random shots I took along the way:

^Beautiful Toronto.

Wow this post is VERY picture intensive, but I figure pictures are fun?  Hope you enjoy them!

Check out more photos from last night and today on my Flickr!

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  1. good times good times, you should make ALL your posts picture intense!

  2. Yeah I guess it's more interesting right?!?!


    So I'm going to post it in the comments: http://www.flickr.com/photos/swoofix

    Then I'm also going to go edit my post as well. :D

  3. these are some great shots swoo!
    The last three photos are beautiful.

  4. Thanks buddy! Definitely stoked on some of those shots myself!

  5. keep the camera around! photos from toronto people make my day