Somebody get me a maid!

November 14, 2010 Sungwoo 4 Comments

Alright!  This is a little bit of an embarrassing post, but here we go!

I'm a very messy person (as much as I hate it).  There's probably just a handful of people in the world that can tolerate being a roommate with me.  Nah, if I wasn't living alone, I'd be more considerate and clean up after myself more haha.

Anyways, me being lazy and also very busy with school, my place ended up gathering garbage and leftover foods everywhere, all over the place.  Here's how it looked for the better part of the past few months..

For a while, I literally only had 1/4 of the bed free for me to actually sleep on, and my desk had been extremely cluttered with garbage, it was nearly useless.  For the past week, I've actually been using my laptop on the corner of my bed (using the corner as a table), and also eating on my bed as well, being extra careful not to tip anything over.

On Thursday I had my last midterm for a while and decided it was time to freshen things up.  I started cleaning, throwing out garbage after garbage, reorganizing my crap, moving things around to free up as much space as possible.  After two days, I'm left with clean floors, free space, an actual obstacle-free path from the entrance to as far I can go.  I live in a small basement bachelor apartment, so I'm not gonna have the most space ever, but I can't even describe how great I feel about all this.  So good I'm even blogging about it haha.

There ya have it.  Welcome to my crib.

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  1. Sounds like me I will let my room get ridiculously dirty before cleaning it. Then I do a massive overhaul and its clean for like 2 weeks then slowly starts to get cruddy again till I clean it and repeat the cycle

  2. That's student life for ya! Lol. If I'm not mistaken, you got a D40 camera, right? What lens did you use for that first pic? I love the distortion.

  3. Yeah I got a D40, but that first picture was taken on my camcorder with the Opteka 0.3x fisheye lens a while ago (got the lens for sale ;) )