Tito's 180sx: The Resurrection

February 19, 2015 Sungwoo 2 Comments

Tito's 180sx has been out of commission for way too long.  1 and a half, maybe almost 2 years??  During that time, a lot has changed.  I for one am glad that he took his time with the new build, and am VERY excited for him.

Putting on the final touches to get the car looking like one piece again.

We hosed the car down real quick and had an even quicker photoshoot! Loving the amount of dish on these Meisters.  Stepped lips are so beautiful!

Quite the effect as it just started to rain.

SUCH a beautiful colour to see in person..

Celebratory burnout is a must.

I gotta give mad props to Steve at Candy Autobody.  Everything I've seen come out of his shop has been a work of art.  Keep an eye out for that JZX81 as well ;)

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  1. Uugh. What an ugly s13. Too bad he can't drift and its only for show.....just like green 4 door r32 drift car of the year his daddy bought which has never seen a track in its life. All you posers make me sick....

    1. Someone is a little jealous.... ��