November 19, 2014 Sungwoo 0 Comments

Met up with STNDRDISSUE not too long ago to do a quick collaboration and see what we're both up to.  If you haven't seen them yet, they're a apparel company based out of North Vancouver.  Super chill, super down to earth, super awesome.  Definitely go check out their designs and new apparel launching soon as well.

I've spent a lot of time documenting events and automotive progress over the last little while, but rarely do I get coverage of what I do.  It was cool to work with Karsten and see the things that I don't see while I do what I do.  While I post pictures of the shots I got from our shoot here, please do go check out the "behind the scenes" coverage capturing the love of what we do over at STNDRDISSUE.

He did a fantastic job capturing the atmosphere, and considering how we were dealing with, literally, a torrential downpour, we're both very happy with the results.

We've both never shot in such horrid weather before, but we figured since we wanted to capture the essence of fall in Vancouver, that was actually the perfect time to do so.  While it would have been ideal to wait for a sunny day and hope our busy schedules match, I'm glad we decided to go ahead with the shoot.  Big thanks to STNDRDISSUE for dealing with me throughout the shoot and allowing me to get a sense of what others see when I'm doing my thing!

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