SerialNine Block Party 2014

September 10, 2014 Sungwoo 0 Comments

SerialNine threw their first block party with huge success.  There were slurpies, food, cars and lots of stance!  Car enthusiasts came over from the island, Alberta, and the states to support the *grand opening* and new website launch (

It was very cool to see over 50 cars lined up in just a few blocks worth of space where most if not all of the cars there were super cool!  Even cooler to see everyone getting along and having a good time.  They did a great job of facilitating a large number of people and kept things interesting with showing off their vehicles as well.

Jude's S9 Aristo.

Kevin's Celsior and Gerards GS400 getting finished up during the show.

Finalizing the wrap on Kevin's Celsior.  It turned out to be such a nice shade of poo brown, and worked perfectly with the new wheel setup.  The gangster camber and just everything about it.. Too crazy to describe.

Basically, you missed out if you weren't there.  But don't worry because the boys over at SerialNine plan to make it an annual event, at the very least.  So get your stance game in check and show us what's up!!

Below are some photos from the show, with the 3 winners at the very end.  SerialNine had custom trophies made, none of this boring engraved trophy for the true stance kings.

First place: Mitch's R32 Sedan

Second place: Tore's Cressida

Fan favourite: Anthony's Laurel

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