Peter's Civic Sedan (JDM Type R conversion)

September 22, 2014 Sungwoo 0 Comments

I met Peter through a mutual friend not too long ago and when we were introduced in the likes of "you guys are both car guys, you guys should know each other!!" I thought great, another one of those small talk conversations.  Then if we run into each other at a future event or something and not remember where we saw each other, it's just gonna be awkward..

Little did I know, he's actually a really chill and a super down to earth character.  He's not the type to put up a front and hide behind it, and I can definitely respect that.  He does him, and does it well.

Take a look at his car for example, Clean JDM type R rear end conversion on a proper set of RPF1's.  You just can't go wrong with simple clean styling.

Take a look at some more photos below:

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