DOCZILLA PART 1: Installation.

August 07, 2014 Sungwoo 0 Comments

If you're on any sort of social media, you've most likely come across JJ's LB GTR (@doczilla12).  It has got to be one of the most outrageous GTR's around.  It has a bit of everything: style, class, performance, ICE, you name it, it has a great balance of whatever you're into.

So for a car that has pretty much everything, what's next?  How about some Airrex air suspension kit to add more style and practicality?  Yup, you read it right, air suspension.

As far as I know, this is the VERY FIRST GTR to have the new generation Airrex installed.  And the boys over at SerialNine did an amazing job installing these with custom brackets for a super clean / hidden install.

The solenoid block goes behind the rear center console where the stock speakers used to be.  Seeing how the entire sound system has been upgraded and non existent there anyway, it's a great spot to hide the block.  I wish I got some more pictures of it after the air lines were installed, but the fact that this would be hidden from the public eye didn't stop these guys from doing a fantastic clean install in this department!

A few other pictures:

Tomorrow will be Part 2: Aftermath.
Be sure to come back to see what the world's first Airrex LB GTR looks like!!

More media available at:

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