My R34 GTT Sedan

April 09, 2014 Sungwoo 0 Comments

So I've been taking photos of other people's projects and fun cars while I've been kind of car-less over the winter, well, a fun car at least..  Obviously, like any other car enthusiast around my age, an R34 played a big role in my childhood car fantasies.  Growing up and actually spending time with cars, it never really seemed tangible until just recently.  With that in mind, I got in touch with Adam at Feast Auto and discussed how we can make this dream a reality.

Adam was great in helping me find one with my requirements and here she is.  These pictures were taken a couple of months ago in the snow.  But I've been ridiculously busy with a switch in career paths and all that other life related junk.

Enjoy a few more photos at the Constant Revolution facebook page, and follow for more updates!

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