Andrew's S13

November 21, 2013 Sungwoo 0 Comments

This is probably one of the nicest 240's around that's being built specifically for the drifting.  Most of us (myself included) just daily our 240, slap some coilovers on there and call it a drift machine..  He sold his SR'd S14 not too long ago and moved onto a BRZ.  Soon realizing there's no value in sliding a brand new car, he picked up this S13 shell and started his drift build.

I met up with Andrew at Racing Greed while getting a little work done to snap some shots of his new pride and joy.  And man oh man, this thing's way too nice in person, and the photos here don't do it justice unfortunately..
I mean, look at that fitment!!

Some history on the shell, back when I was in highschool and had my first S13, I remember seeing this one being built up.  Definite show quality.  The kit, overfenders and spoiler are moulded on for that uber sleek status.  Paint is quite nice too, you'd think it's black, but when the sun hits it right, it has just the right amount of flake in it to pop.  Combine that with the vibrant blue on the wheels, this beauty literally breaks necks!

Some basic upgrads so far are as follows, with much much more to follow.
S13 Blacktop SR20DET
ISIS Blastpipes

ISIS Pro Coilovers
Megan 5 lug hubs/rotors
Varrstoen 18x9.5 +12 front
Varrstoen 18x10.5 -33(effective) rear

He's only owned this car for a few months now, so expect big things to come by next spring!!

As always, more photos on the Facebook page.
Also, subscribe to the YouTube channel as there's a video in the works for this beauty as well ;)

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