Taylor's minty S13

October 23, 2013 Sungwoo 0 Comments

This is Taylor's S13.  This car brings upon me a lot of mixed feelings..  Why?  I once owned a mint green S13 hatchback as well, but I was never able to live it up to its full potential..  Back when I owned my toothpaste green S13, Taylor's car was sporting 4 lugs and a chuki bumper.  Even then I used to wonder if I could ever get mine to sit the way his did.  And now, wow.. he's built his almost exactly like how I would have built an S13 if funds allowed me to lol..

Work VS-XX's all around with 18x9 up front and 18x11 crammed into the stock body.  You can feel the wheel itself rubbing on the fender with every bump, and he's basically riding on the sidewalls too.  If this isn't perfect fitment, I don't know what is..

As always, you can view the complete set on the Facebook page!

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