Been a long time hahahaha

May 13, 2012 Sungwoo 0 Comments

Alright, so I've moved back to Vancouver where there's no FGFS scene.. I've also been super busy for the past few months with everything, so the blog has obviously been neglected..  That's soon going to change.

I've decided to continue blogging about cool things that happen in my life in general, not just FGFS related stuff.   I'm getting back into cars now as well, so expect this blog to be more of a FGFS/car/drift/photography/life/etc sort of blog.  Just a random blog if you must.. haha

Anyways, here's an edit that my buddy Ryan and I filmed last summer, he was finally able to get around to editing it with his friends and this is the turn out.  Check it out!

Oh and this is the little dinky car I picked up..

I've got lots of plans for it.. But it's currently just in storage..  Working part time with bills to pay = no pocket monies :(

Keep checking back again like you all used to.. I promise I'll deliver the good stuff ;)

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