YNOT shop visit

December 23, 2011 Sungwoo 0 Comments

A couple days ago I gave the new YNOT shop a visit and it turns out with the holidays coming up and me moving back to Vancouver right in the middle of it all, that this would be the last time I see the the YNOT crew for an undetermined long amount of time..  It's so amazing to see how much this company has grown right in front of my eyes.  I saw Tony first messing around with the idea of some sturdy straps almost two years ago now I believe.  And now, Tony, Tom, and the crew have a whole line of bags and straps, with even more things in the works for the upcoming year!  Tony's been supporting me since the very beginning, not just through bike stuff, but with wise life advice as well!  Everyone over at YNOT are awesome people!  I'm surely going to miss them for sure.  But I'm sure our paths shall cross again in the future!!

Here's a few pictures of their new shop to make my little story more interesting :P






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