Toronto 2011 spring bike show

March 06, 2011 Sungwoo 1 Comments

This weekend was the spring bike show in Toronto, I dropped by on Sunday afternoon with Briggs, Finn, Misha, Lamarche, and Blayne.  I was more interested in the bmx jam that was happening but we ended up watching maybe 10 minutes of it haha.  Nonetheless, I was mesmerized by the level of trickery displayed.

^This guy did a 360 triple tailwhip and everyone went absolutely CRAZY!

There weren't a lot of people watching the flatlanders, but there were a couple good guys:

YNOT also had a booth set up at the show and I dropped by for a bit as well.  They had it set up nicely with some pictures, videos, bunch of products, even a sewing station for custom straps on the spot!

Tony Mammamolitinimomani is the man who started YNOT, and it bums me out a little that he never gets any recognition when the company gets mentioned.  But he is the absolute main backbone of this company.  He's been supporting me since day freaking 1 and still continues to do so.  He's a flat out awesome character.
And here's Tom, the other half of the company, overly excited about something.

I didn't take a lot of pictures of bikes and such.  I didn't find a lot of them interesting, maybe due to my lack of knowledge in other types of bikes haha.  But here's a few that I thought were cool :)
Yup, a scooter bike.. With a suspension fork!

Tom was basically drooling over this frame..

Overall......... the show itself was kinda boring I'll admit haha.

Oh, I also hitched a ride in the back of the moving truck back to my place.  I sat in the box.  haha

HOLY CRAP MAKING A BLOG POST AFTER A MONTH IS HARD WORK!!   This crappily laid out post took almost an hour.. Yup.  Have a good night!

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  1. Great post! I've been checking daily hoping for an update. Thanks for the help this weekend!