Silly streetcars..

March 28, 2011 Sungwoo 0 Comments

What you see here is a Toronto streetcar left abandoned in the middle of the street while the driver ran across the street into the station.  Why?  Good thing you're asking the right person, I saw the whole thing happen!

The driver blinked the indicators to signal that he was turning right into the station.  But he kept going forward, without turning.  Why?  The tracks were busted yet again and the little divider part wouldn't move, in turn, keeping this streetcar from turning.  I was just biking home when this happened right in front of me, I literally laughed out loud and took some pictures haha.

Streetcars are the stupidest ever.  Their tracks get in the way of EVERYTHING, and whenever ONE streetcar breaks down or gets in an accident, every single street car in that line gets stuck behind.

Silly Toronto transit systems..  They suck major balls!

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