Breakbrake17 Charmer26 tire clearance

February 04, 2011 Sungwoo 1 Comments

I've been barely squeezing a 1.75 tire in the rear of my Allcity Dropout for quite some time (otherwise a mighty fine frame), and have always dreamed of bigger tires.  Well, with the new Breakbrake17 Charmer26, I've squeezed a 2.3 in there with a little room left for untrueness of the wheel.



And a little tease of the bike ;)

I've decided not to keep you guys waiting forever for pictures of the full bike.  The bike turned out quite beautifully, and it'd be a crime not to share it with anyone.  I'll take some pictures this weekend, just keep in mind that I still have a few more parts coming my way, so this bike isn't complete yet!

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