YNOT recycled tool pouch

October 20, 2010 Sungwoo 1 Comments

I dropped by our Tuesday trick night for a bit after my class last night and saw that Tom had a bunch of these made.  If you didn't know already, I ride for Ynot Cycle, so when I told Tom that this is exactly what I needed, he said I could take one home to try it out.

This allows me to keep all my tools organized in one place and eliminates digging through the different pockets of your bag to find the tool you need.  It also has a little pouch on the inside for other things as well, I'll probably throw some tire patches and bandages in there soon!

Just how much can you fit in here? Let this picture do most of the talking.

I currently have in there: zip ties, 15mm wrench, ratchet with an extended 15mm socket, two tire levers, a multi tool, a peg, two tubes, tape, spare nuts, spare chain links, and most importantly, a pump.  The pump was always my biggest concern because it always ended up under my text books somehow and I was worried that it would break sooner rather than later.  I can keep all of these things in there, in one place.

It packs away nicely and I can just throw it in my bag when I need to go ride.  Best part is, it's made of recycled tarp.  And  I'm sure it'd make a great purse or a handbag or clutch or whatever it's called as well ;)

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