SEIL Bag by Lee Myung Su Design Lab

October 08, 2010 Sungwoo 4 Comments

This bag seems like a good idea.  Give the drivers a heads up, since 95% of them don't know what hand signals look like.  It doesn't even have any wires to fuss around with, remove the switch and take it with you.  I like it.

Via Flwrider.

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  1. dude in Seoul they do'nt even acknowledge bikers on the road.... its pretty intense!!

  2. Dude, in Seoul, I bet they don't even acknowledge other cars on the road. I don't doubt that it's intense! haha

  3. Hey, is that bag on sale or is it still being perfected?

  4. I have no idea at all, I don't have any connections with them, I just thought it was super cool!