Riding the trails

October 16, 2010 Sungwoo 0 Comments

Today was the day of Toronto's Fall bike show.  Let me tell you all about it before I move on to the trails stuff.  It totally sucked.  Moving on.

I met up with my friend Ilan who rides mountain bikes.  We've been meaning to ride the trails since the last time we rode and school/work has kept us very busy to schedule a time when we were both free.  Anyways, today's weather was gorgeously sunny with a hint of wind, so we decided to go ride some trails after the show, and it was awesome, the scenery alone would've been worth it; beautifully coloured leaves all around you.  It was quite a sight!

Funny thing is, my bike isn't set up for trails at ALL, and I'm running a higher ratio than I was last time too so it was a lot more challenging, and almost impossible for some parts haha.  But even though I slowed him down a lot, we had lots of fun!  We decided to film a couple spots while we were riding and ended up spending a few hours in the trails, and by the end my entire body was aching, seriously.

Unfortunately I didn't have any sort of a camera mount, so we weren't able to get any videos of the trails, but we took videos of certain spots and I'll be posting a video soon.

Overall, it was a fun but tiring day, I also didn't get any work done, so I'll be pulling allnighters after allnighters.  Lame!

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