Hell Track 3

October 26, 2010 Sungwoo 0 Comments

Okay, so there aren't many pictures out of HT3 yet, but here's a couple, along with a video as well.
The night was pretty chilly and very wet, but it didn't stop us from having fun at all!

Tons of prizes to be won and raffled away!  And there were more!

Tom Mosher, Tony of YNOT, and Steve of Modrobes.  Big thanks to these guys for putting this event together!

I ended up taking first place in the race, which was 2 laps of looping around the school we were at.  Climbing up hills, taking sharp corners full of wet leaves, riding through wet grass, riding down stairs.  It all ended up being worth it in the end!  I won a Modrobes hoody with silkscreened HT3 on the back, and "1" on the side of the hoody, and a set of Velocity B43 reflective rims!  I also won Volume Trickster bars for the tricks portion!  The ground was very moist and slick, it was quite hard to land any rotation tricks, but everyone managed to have fun.  Anyways, check these out! :D

I also won a Villains shirt from a raffle, and Joe from Problem Child hooked me up with a shirt as well!

Afterwards we all went to a bar and chilled for a bit.  I don't drink, nor am I very sociable, so it was kind of awkward for me :D  But definitely a fun night overall!

Here's a video of HT3 made by a friend of ours, Alex:

Huge thanks to all the sponsors of the event for making it possible!

Head on over here for a couple more pictures!  And I'll post a bunch more as they come up!

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