Fun sesh

October 26, 2010 Sungwoo 0 Comments

One of those random sessions where it's raining out, I'm sitting in class being bored, and I get a text from Finn asking if I wanted to ride.  We arranged to meet up after my class and hit up an underground parking lot.  We rode for a bit, drank Arizona and chilled, rode some more, took some pictures, and as we JUST left the garage, we a security car driving in through the ramp, staring us down hahaha.  They were probably going in to kick us out, but we weren't there no more!  Anyway, here's some pictures!

After we left the garage we realized it was dry out, so we dropped by a spot close by and Finn's cog slipped loose.  It got cold/late as he was fixing his wheel so we parted afterwards and I got a 10 piece McNugget meal with chocolate milk on my way home! :D

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