Smogtown Beatdown prizes.. Finally

September 24, 2010 Sungwoo 0 Comments

On July 31st, Smogtown Beatdown occured.  Supposedly I won some prizes but I couldn't make it to the afterparty (had an essay due the next day or something), and THEN I went to Vancouver for a few weeks, came back and finally picked up my prizes today over at Liberty Street Cyclery.

So I took first place in the suicide sprints and the trick competition and ended up getting two bags of prizes!

I ended up getting a Krypto hipster u-lock, a Bikes on Wheels shirt, a Louis Gagnon roadie jersey type thing which I'm going to put to good use tomorrow on a long long ride, a Wipt short brim hat, Ynot straps, a top tube pad, and a $70 labour card for Red Arrow Bikes (I wish I had picked up my goodies before I got my wheel built..)

HUGE thanks to those who put this event together, namely Sean Noonan of PAC.

Since I don't really have a use for some of these, I think I'm going to hold onto them and do a contest of some sort in the near future.  Keep an eye out for more information ;)

Also, here's a quick video from the event (suicide sprints and afterparty):

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