Murphy's Law

August 17, 2010 Sungwoo 0 Comments

(WARNING: no pictures in this post!)

Why is it that you can carry a bag around on your rides JUST to carry tools around, and nothing goes wrong.  Even if it's blistering hot, your back is drenched in sweat from the bag, and you're just annoyed to limits with your bag flopping around, you still carry it around, just in case.

Then one cool night, you go for a quick ride to drop off a buddy's bike and don't bring your tools, and everything goes wrong?  My axle nuts came loose to a point where even steering was all sloppy, and my busted seatpost came loose again making the seat very unstable and uncomfortable.  Resulting in a very uncomfortable and anxious ride back home.

Anyways, I'm home now, gotta finish packing to leave for Vancouver tomorrow! :)

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